Victoria Hanlon began painting in 1999 while pursuing a fine arts degree in Atlanta.   

Her subjects, Holsteins (dairy cows) and botanicals, create unique compositions and

shapes, while offering endless opportunities to experiment with color, 

dimension, tonality, and perspective.




Sparks Gallery, San Diego                                                   2016

C Gallery, San Diego                                                           2015

ACA Juried Student Show                                                    2005

Georgia Pacific Gallery, Atlanta, GA                                     2005

ACA Artist Book Competition,  Award                                   2005

ACA Catalog                                                                     2005

ACA 100 year poster                                                           2005

The Body, ACA Gallery 100, Photography Show                      2004

ACA Sculpture Show                                                           2004

New Orleans, ACA Photography Show                                  2004

ACA Catalog                                                                     2003

Women at Work, ACA Gallery 100                                        2003


Private Collections

Lakeland, TN

Charleston, SC

Nashville, TN

Chapel Hill, NC

Washington D.C.

Chicago, IL

Park City, UT

Hammond Hanlon Camp LLC, San Diego, CA

Encinitas, CA

San Diego, CA

Clyde Hill, WA

Vashon, WA

Atlanta, GA

Mercer Island, WA

Sunrise Bank of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA



1997-2006 Atlanta College of Art Atlanta, Georgia

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting


1979 – 1983 Stanford University Palo Alto, California

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

1986 CA Professional Engineering License